Cogent 1885 (KIT)


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The Cogent 1885 Kit offers collectors a little piece of history to display on their shelves, with a beautiful design that really brings to life the work of the renowned Cogent Cycle Company. This product comes as a model bike kit ready for you to build, and is equipped with a working front brake as well as working pedals.

History of the Cogent Cycle Company

Started in 1868 by a blacksmith and entrepreneur named Henry Clarke, the Cogent Cycle Company had very interesting origins. After being discharged from the Crimean war, Henry headed home via Paris and, while there, was intrigued by the very early bicycles that he saw. He decided to go into business making and exporting wooden wheels which could be used by French manufacturers.

Of course, there would be no Cogent 1885 kit today if that was where the story ended. Instead, Henry decided to turn his hand to making his own ‘cycles’ – and the company was born. Throughout the following decades they became an established fixture of the industry, selling penny farthings and tricycles, and then the so-called ‘safety bicycles’ which are more alike to the bikes that we all know and love today. The bike model that you see here is an example of this later style.

A Bike Kit that Combines Style and Quality

These models are collector’s items, which means that they’re built to last, with durable materials that will also look great on display. The detailing on the design ensures that you can really feel the Cogent history shining through, from the subtle colouring of the seat and pedals to the stylish headlamp that sits at the front of the bike.

This will be an excellent addition to your own collection, or a stunning gift for a loved one who is fascinated by cycling’s rich history. To find out more about this Cogent 1885 kit, or about any of our other products – including an excellent range of vintage bicycle models – then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. You can contact us online at with your questions and queries. Whatever you need, the Target Velo team are sure to be able to help.


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