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The bespoke, clincher wheels on this N+1 model bike kit give it the authentic look that all collectors crave when they’re looking for their next build. Red, blue, yellow, black or white – each colour looks uniquely stylish when complemented by the stunning black clincher wheels that bring this model it’s sense of realism.

Other details also help give this bike kit its premium feel: adjustable brake levers and real break cables, a mini screwdriver included to help you assemble the parts, moving pedals that power the back wheel and a solid, heavy feel that comes from the use of die-cast metal parts and rubber tires.

These bikes are designed to be put together by you – or your loved one if you choose to give the product as a gift. And, since they have avoided complex processes or instructions, it’s an excellent project to work on with a child who’s just getting into cycling as a sport or hobby.

Bike Kits Delivering Quality and Variety

We love the tremendous variety that is on offer with the N+1 bike models; for collectors who want to display a full range, the many different tyre and colour options make it easy to create a diverse range representing all of your favourite bicycle styles.

To give you even more choice, we’re also offering bespoke, hand-painted kits that can use N+1 components such as the clincher tyre as well as a custom paint job to deliver both the model and the style that you want.

An excellent gift for any cycling fan, it can make a great congratulatory present for cyclists who’ve just found cycling glory – whether they’ve won a race or exceeded a personal best time/distance. Customise your kit to get the colour and tyre style that reflects their own bike, immortalising their achievements with a high quality, personal ‘trophy’.

Got any questions? If so, just get in touch with the Target Velo team to find out more about the clincher kit or any of our other products. We love cycling as much as you do, so contact us online at to speak to somebody who understands what you’re looking for and can help you find it.


1:8 Scale

Length 22cm

Height 13.5cm

Width 5.5cm

Weight 220g

Weight including box 260g


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Frame Colour

Red, White, Blue, Black, Yellow