09. Peloton Riders

Our Peloton Riders are beautiful miniature cyclists, first made in France back in the 1950s and still produced their today. The idea is that we provide you with a wonderful zinc casted model, and you paint it to match the colours of your own bike, or perhaps those of your club or team. Of course, the design is entirely up to you – no colours or patterns are off limits!

These are a real collector’s item, and by hand painting them yourself, you can add a little of your own personal style to your selection of cycling models and memorabilia. And, since we know that not everybody will have the time or inclination to paint their own, we will also take commissions to have them painted for you to an excellent standard.

The History of the Peloton Riders

The Peloton Rider cycling figurines are really exciting, and they have an interesting and unusual history to match! This is because the original little bike riders were designed not to be collected by fans across the world, but for use in cycling themed board games. Things have certainly evolved a fair bit since then, and as demand from collectors has grown these 1:32 scale cycling figures have been manufactured to sit proudly on shelves, rather than gathering dust in boxes.

Targetvelo are Pleased to Offer a Great Selection

We’re proud to stock a variety of Peloton Riders, all featuring different poses – so you can choose the option that best suits you, or start a full collection. These riders also make an excellent gift for any collector of cycling memorabilia, whether you choose to have it painted or leave it to their handy-work; you could even show how much you care by painting it yourself before presenting them with it.

Once they’ve been fully painted, the Peloton Riders really do look fantastic, and if you take a look through our gallery you can see a few images showing off some excellent finished designs.

Interested in the Peloton collection? If you have any more questions about any of the products we stock or want to find out more, then the Targetvelo team would love to hear from you. You can get in touch online at your convenience; we’re always happy to talk bikes with fellow enthusiasts.

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