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Peloton Riders are the cycling models that you can bring to life, by painting the shorts, cap and jersey to match your own club or team. This makes then a collector’s item with a twist, adding a dash of extra personality to your display case.

This set, with 7 individual miniature cyclists – including a champion rider – is a great chance to get into the team spirit, giving you the chance to paint a matching set while giving each individual cycling figure their own spark of personality. We also accept paint commissions if you’d rather we had the models painted to your specifications before they arrive at your door.

What’s in the Set?

As well as the champion rider, you’ll receive three in the rouleur design, and three sprinters. These are ready for you to paint, so don’t forget that you’ll also need to stock up on your chosen colours to finish off the look. Cast in high quality zinc alloy, the scale is around 1:32, with heights of 4.5-7.5cm.

The 7 Set of Peloton cycling toys are small and stylish, which makes them great to display alone or as part of a wider cycling model collection. And, if you find yourself getting enthusiastic about the hobby of painting these little cycling figurines, you can also collect a range of further designs which feature cyclists in a variety of additional poses.

Start Your Collection Today

We love the Peloton Riders because they offer something a little bit different, and if you agree then they might just be the perfect models for you. They also make for great gifts and cycling souvenirs – a small token of appreciation that can mean an awful lot!

If you have any questions before you place your order, do feel free to get in touch; we have a small and experienced team who are always on hand to discuss the products. Simply use our online form and somebody will be happy to help.


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