City Bike Kit


Bikes aren’t just for high-speed races and stunning mountain trails; many of us also love them because they’re such a quick and efficient way to cut through the city traffic. Whether you use your bike for the daily commute or to run errands, the city bike kit is the bike model for anybody who thinks bicycles should be the transportation of choice for all our day to day needs.

Based on the ‘city cycle scheme’ bikes that are seen throughout London and across many other cities UK-wide, the attention to detail here really sets it apart.  The inclusion of the chrome detailing, shopping basket, sprung seat and mud guards complete its unmistakeable design.

Build Your Own High-Quality Bike Model

This city bike kit, like all of the N+1 bicycle models, come part assembled and ready for you to finish – a fun project that never becomes too frustrating, since the steps are straightforward and everything you need is included in the set. Made using strong, quality die-cast metal, rubber and plastic, this is a durable, professional model that will stand the test of time.

The city bike model is part of our ‘Bike Shop’ collection, which is designed to bring you more choice and variety by supplying items that go beyond the style choices of our standard range. So, if this model isn’t quite your style then why not check out some of the many other choices we have on display. These include unicycles, rickshaws and even ‘Un Gelato a la Bicicleta’ – the Italian ice cream bike!

Start Your Cycling Collection, or Find a Gift for a Friend

These city bike models are an excellent option for cycling fans looking to make a start on a new collection of unusual and specialist memorabilia. They’re also a great option when looking for unusual presents to delight any keen cyclists that you know – and can definitely help out when you’re struggling to find the perfect cycling gift.

Need more information before making a purchase? If you have any questions, or want some advice from a member of the Target Velo team, then we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch by heading over to our online enquiry form. Somebody will get back to you within 24 hours to find out how we can help!

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