Holdsworth Orange (Limited Edition)



Headed up by Sandy Holdsworth, the Holdsworth bicycle company became famous for the style and quality of their bikes. One of their most memorable designs was the distinctive, bright orange shade that they used on some of their most popular bike models throughout the 60s and 70s.

Now, you capture this style with your own collection, with a limited edition Holdsworth Orange bicycle model that proudly displays the famous orange shade. To ensure the quality of your bespoke cycling model, each item is hand sprayed. Then, the finishing touches are added: white handlebars, and leather effect brown for the saddle. The bike also includes the classic N+1 chrome wheels.

Although the Holdsworth company is still operational, it’s lovely to have the chance to pay homage to one of the UK’s biggest manufacturers. As one of our bespoke models, this bicycle will come to you ready assembled – ensuring that it is perfectly put together and ready for display.
It looks great alongside other N+1 models, and is also the jewel in the collection for those who focus on bikes that are steeped in heritage. If you know somebody who has a passion for the Holdsworth brand, and for their stunning orange colours in particular, then this will also make an excellent, personal gift.


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If you like the Holdsworth bike but you’re not so interested in the orange colour scheme then we have some other great items that might give you a taste for the road, including bespoke bikes sprayed in Olympic Gold and Celeste Blue. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll get the bike assembled and hand sprayed, ready to be lovingly displayed on your shelf or mantelpiece.

And, when it comes to the Holdsworth Orange bespoke bike model, it really is a colour like no other. Remember, these bikes are limited edition – so if you think they’ll make the perfect gift (or you want to treat yourself!) act quickly. For any more information, please feel free to head over our contact page and make an enquiry.

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