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Are you the champion? You might not have won the Tour de France or Giro d’Italia quite yet, but if you’ve put the time into training, looking after your bike and embracing the cycling culture… we think you deserve to bask in a little bit of that champion glory from time to time.

Of course, the champion Peloton cycling figurine is also an excellent addition to any collection of cycling models – and a collection without a champion always seems like it’s missing something; these little bike riders really do capture some enthusiasm for the sport.

Customise Peloton Cycling Figurines

The champion Peloton Rider, like all Peloton cycling figurines, comes in zinc alloy ready to be hand-painted in your own chosen colours: shorts, shoes, jersey and cap can all be painted in the colours of your team. This makes the champion figure particularly good for celebrating a victory, and is a wonderfully unique cycling gift to give to a friend who has recently become the champ.

We also offer painting commissions, accepting requests for specific colours, meaning that you can receive the item already fully painted and ready to display.

Add the Champion Peloton Rider to Your Miniature Cyclist Collection

This really is a must have item for anybody who collects cycling models, and with the option to customise it according to your own preferences, it also gives your display some extra personality. As models that have been in production since the 1950s, the Peloton Riders also have a timeless charm – and here at Target Velo we stock a wide range of them, so please have a browse and see if any others take your fancy.

Any questions? Contact us online to chat about the collection or any of our other unique cycling gifts. If you’re looking for a gift, but you’re not quite sure what your friend or family member would like, we’ll also be more than happy to talk you through the options!

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