Miniature Bikes

Clincher (KIT)
The bespoke wheels on this model bike kit give it the authentic look

Classic (Kit)
The classic chrome wheels give this bike that old retro look.

MTB Full Suspension (Kit)
This should be the bike kit of choice for every real mountain bike lover

Pimp My Ride
Polished Gold finish (it’s not real gold), ready built all metal with rubber tires

Peloton Riders

Bidon Peloton Rider

Rouleur Peloton Rider

Sprinter Peloton Rider

Peloton Set of 7

Fine Bone China

Espresso Saddle

Chainset Mug

Classic Hall Plate

Mug Set of 4


Rotating Cog Cufflinks

Sophia Studs

Race Chain Bracelette

Blue Bike Neckless

Great Gifts For Cyclists

At Targetvelo, it’s safe to say we’re pretty enthusiastic about bikes – and we couldn’t help but notice a real gap in the market when it comes to gifts for cyclists and memorabilia for fellow fans.

So, with a huge selection of models, accessories and collectable items, this is exactly the problem that we’ve set out to solve, helping you find a gift for the bike lovers in your life, or to treat yourself to something that will brighten up your office, study or bedroom.

It’s hard to pick a favourite from such a wide range, but we’re particularly pleased to be offering bespoke bikes that are built using high-quality N+1 components, and then hand-painted to your specifications. This allows us to give you a bike that is truly personal to your own cycling experiences – and recaptures the memories of your own cycling triumphs.

Cycling Gifts to Suit Your Friends and Family

We know that bike lovers can be a little bit difficult to buy for sometimes! That’s why we’ve diversified our collection to include something for anyone and everyone.

This includes cufflinks and jewellery, mugs and espresso sets, framed artwork and the wonderful peloton riders which can be hand-painted and customised to suit the tastes of the recipient – a great choice if you’re not sure exactly what they’ll want!

Getting to Know Targetvelo

One of the things that makes the Targetvelo brand so different to other companies is the real love and admiration that we have for cycling – as keen cyclers ourselves, we will frequently be found snapping pictures of stunning bikes and investigating the history of cycling as both a hobby and a sport.

We’re also a family-run business, and keeping our operation small allows us to focus on the quality and endurance of the designs that we stock. Out ethos is that if we wouldn’t feel proud to display an item in our own homes, we wouldn’t expect you to display it in yours. This means that every item found across our site is durable and eye-catching – as you’ll see if you start to browse the collection for yourself.

To talk to the team about an item that takes your fancy, or to ask any questions that you may have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using our handy online form.